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KVH Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Flexible, enterprise-grade computing resources

As part of the KVH Cloud Solutions portfolio, KVH Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides enterprise-grade computing resources such as servers, storage, and networks on an as-needed basis. Our multi-tenanted IaaS platform has been rigorously standardized, monitored and managed to a high level of automation. These standard service “building blocks” provide a comprehensive solution for your requirements and allow you the flexibility of changing your infrastructure as your needs evolve. KVH has also collaborated with Colt Technology Services, an affiliated company, to offer a unified cloud platform across 10 sites in Europe and Asia. This VMware-certified vCloud Service platform enables you to significantly reduce the amount of time and resources spent on IT infrastructure management, and lets you focus on your core areas of revenue generation. KVH takes care of infrastructure performance while you retain full control of your data and applications.

Customer Benefits

  • Improve Time to Market

    Significantly save time and costs required on creation, procurement and management of compute resources and dedicate more staff time to your core business

  • Flexible IT Infrastructure

    Move computing workloads and virtual machines between your data center and our enterprise cloud with little or no reworking, and create and deploy new services in minutes not days or weeks and when no longer required they can be removed or redeployed.

  • Optimal Control

    With the environment built to a VMware prescribed architecture, you are given full control of the resource pool through a vCloud Portal, allowing for faster responses to changing IT needs. Through the vCloud portal, any of your vCloud environments around the world can be flexibly controlled through a single interface. For those using VMware within their on-premise environments, the vCloud Connector, available for download on VMware’s website, allows users to centrally manage both on-premise environments as well as KVH vCloud from one tool.

  • Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service

    • Self-service capabilities enabling you to control your resource pool and build virtualized environments through an online computing resource management tool
    • Technology agnostic platform enhanced by partnerships with industry leaders
    • Flexibly and securely delivers virtual compute environments, supported by 24 x 7 multilingual service desk support

Virtual Server

  • VMware-based and Citrix Xen-based virtual servers
  • You can select the number of virtual CPU cores, the size of memory and the amount of disk capacity

Dedicated Server

  • Offered for enterprises requiring a specific level of performance, which cannot be met by virtual machines
  • You can choose the server specifications from KVH’s standard server menu to fit your system requirements


  • Storage can be mounted for Virtual Server and Dedicated Server users
  • Can be used for primary or secondary data space or for backup
  • iSCSI and NFS storage volumes available

vCloud Service Menu

  • vCPU
  • vRAM
  • vDisc (Storage)
  • vShield (vFirewall)
  • vLoad Balancer
  • OS

The KVH vCloud Resource Pool provides a VMware-based virtualization environment. Customers use a vDirector-based portal to gain access and control their environment.

vCloud Overview

vCloud is an ideal platform for software development as it dramatically reduces the time required for the procurement of computing resources. A test environment can be created and logically separated from the production segment, and once development is complete, the environment can be returned to the resource pool for re-use. These savings on time and cost enable you to significantly improve staff productivity and efficiency.

With businesses increasingly facing the challenges of unpredictable product demand and irregular peaks in data traffic, KVH vCloud offers an adjustable resource pool that allows you to select the preferred size of your virtual environment and draw more capacity for existing IT services as and when your business demands resources.

KVH also provides KVH AIS (Agile Infrastructure Service) for complex systems that require fully-customized, dedicated cloud environments or advanced network architecture.

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